Analyst G3

The Analyst G3 software package is the culmination of two decades' experience in ultrasonic scanner system design and development. Featuring an intuitive interface with many advanced features, Analyst G3 and Scantech's XR Spider raster scanner combine to make a powerful, easy to use UT scanning solution.
Features include:
  • Graphical calibration and UT setup using one, two, or three gates for use with a variety of UT techniques
  • Real-time display of C-Scan, B-Scan, and A-Scan
  • Re-gate function allows re-gating of multiple areas within a scan, all with different gate settings
  • Unique gates featuring adjustable curvature for maximum data return and accuracy
  • Easy to use scan stitching interface
  • Fast B31G analysis with formatted Microsoft Excel export
  • 3D modelling
  • Datum point system allows for multiple scanner orientations and scan directions
  • Integrated report generation
  • Dedicated hardware and optimized software allow very high speed scanning

Analyst G3 offers powerful tools in a simple to use package. Using tabs instead of menus, the software is organized in an intuitve left-to-right workflow. Lay out the scan sets in the Project Tree tab, set up scan dimensions, scan direction, color palette, and use an innovative datum-point system to orient the scanner and scan data relative to the object being scanned.

This datum-point system allows the user to easily stitch scans into their correct location regardless of scanner orientation, including scans that are 90 degrees to other scans.

The UT Setup and Calibration tab offers a versitile array of gating options for a variety of UT techniques using up to three gates.

ScanTech's proprietary gates with adjustable curvature allow for maximum data return and accuracy. A live, long-range view makes setting range and delay a simple click-and-drag operation.

The calibration routine offers a graphical interface which makes calibration easy and accurate. After entering the known thicknesses, points are plotted on the graph along with calculated velocity. Combined with the live A-Scan, calibration and verification couldn't be simpler.

The Perform Scan tab provides real-time generation of C-Scans and B-Scans along with a live A-Scan display. The user can pause, restart, and eposition the scanner. Gates can be adjusted during the scan as well. 
On the View Scan tab, the user is presented with a C-Scan, B-Scans, and A-Scans for all thickness readings. A-Scans for each point are saved, making it possible to verify and validate readings after the scan is complete. The user can view an amplitude B-Scan along either axis, find the min point with a key-press, and regate the scan to improve data return and minimize noise. The re-gate function allows for different areas of the scan to have different gate settings, from large areas to a single point.

The Analysis tab contains powerful tools to stitch scans together, view 3D models of the scans, and perform B31G analysis. To make stitching a simple process, scans are automatically placed according to their stitching locations entered on the Project Tree tab. Adjustments and corrections are made using the stitching interface. The stitching interface offers a fine, single-increment adjustment of scans as well as click-and-drag placement. During adjustment, the active scan is translucent, making alignment easy.

3D Modeling
View single or stitched scans from any angle. Highlight min areas or other areas of interest and render images to file for reporting.
B31G Analysis and Reporting

The B31G analysis tool quickly calculates interactions and burst pressures according to B31G, B31G Modified, and using the Effective Area method. Analysis is fast: a scan of 50,000 readings takes only a few seconds, and a scan of 500,000 readings takes about a minute to

Analyst G3 exports a pre-formatted, Excel-compatible report with summary and interaction detail for all interactions.