PATH Scanner


  • Designed for Phased Array Corrosion Mapping with the GE Phasor DM
  • Electronic rastering for 2 in wide C-Scan
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue while scanning Eliminates sensitivity to movement versus manual manipulation of probe
  • Spring loaded probe holder ensures consistent contact pressure
  • Optimized integrated couplant flow
  • Easily configurable; probe may be center or front mounted
  • Sealed encoder with integrated cable driver for signal integrity
  • Bulkhead cable terminations
  • Maintains normal incidence on circumferential scans of piping
  • Ball bearing axles
  • High quality environmental connectors
  • Rare earth magnetic wheels
  • Will contact down to 2 in nominal pipe for circumferential OD scanning, or down to 14 in nominal pipe for circumferential ID scanning
  • Available exclusively through your local GEIT representative