Service and Support

Effective engineering design results in the best compromise within the limitations of real-world constraints such as space, weight, component availability, current technology, cost feasibility, and usability. We maintain a prime consideration of durability, subject only to the limits of the above.

Our goal is to keep our customers going, especially during critical outages. The first step in this task is to design and build the most dependable equipment available. Inevitably, circumstances will compromise any equipment at some point. We believe a realistic approach by the customer and vendor to eliminate down time requires certain considerations:
  • Timely phone support
  • On-hand parts inventory for immediate shipment
  • Familiarity with the application
  • Training
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Back-up equipment
We see ScanTech as a partner to our customers by providing or assisting with these resources.

      ScanTech offers comprehensive training on all systems. Contact the support group for details and scheduling.

     For supplemental utilization, ScanTech offers rentals on the following systems:
  • X1B crawler
  • D2S System
  • Analyst ND System