WS3 Couplant Delivery System


  • Rugged vertical case with control panel; top handle
  • High efficiency, low volume, high pressure pump
  • 12VDC, 12AHr SLA battery for >8hrs of battery powered use
  • Motor speed control for flow volume adjustment
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge, 0-100PSI
  • ON-OFF control
  • DC battery/AC adapter switch
  • Battery level meter
  • Over-discharge protection
  •  Audible low battery warning
  • Smart 2A 12V battery charger
  • Power protection fuse
  • Rugged Mil-style electrical connectors
  • 40W AC adapter; 90-250VAC universal voltage input
  • Integrated storage for power supply, charger, cords
  • High quality quick connections for supply and discharge, access hatch
  • Low EMI Emmissions
  • CE Certified

Package Contents

  • Pump unit, integrated case
  • Suction and bypass hoses
  • Charger w/ power cord
  • AC Adapter w/ power cord
  • Optional 14 gal reservoir