XR Spider


  • Widest Application Range Available
  • Extended Capabilities Include Storage Tanks and Piping as small as 2 in. nominal Dia.
  • High Speed and High Torque
  • Engineered for Rugged Environments
  • Custom Engineered Gears with Direct Coupled Four Wheel Drive
  • Custom Stroke Lengths up to 48 in.
  • High Strength Rare Earth Magnetic Wheels
  • Optimized Traction Compounds
  • Highly Maneuverable
  • Joystick or Touch Screen Steering Controls
  • Homing and Limit Sensors
  • Suspension Configuration Allows 4 wheel Contact on Uneven Surfaces (Spring Centered)
  • Low EMI Noise Motor Drives
  • Internal or External Scan Control
  • Remote Probe Lifting Mechanism
  • Touch Screen Controller
    • Automated Homing Routine
    • Jog Controls
    • On-Board Scanning Controller
    • Set Motion Parameters
    • Diagnostic Feedback


  • Single Drive Version (cross-shaft coupled)
  • Extended Scan Travels
  • Extended Cable Lengths
  • Shoe Lift
  • Dual Axis Shoe Compliance (for applications other than piping)
  • Joystick Pendant (base version is touch screen jog only)
  • Analyst C Software w/ Controller Upgrade; Automated Acquisition, Analysis, and Reporting Pulser / Receiver

Package Contents

  • XR Spider Scanner
  • Controller w/ Touch Screen
  • 35 Main Cable Assembly
  •  Rugged Shipping Cases (3)
  • Transducer